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Picking Your Weekend Look

With the weekend just around the corner, we at John Watson Clothing provide you with an assorted range of looks to stylize your wardrobe.

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A dash of grandeur or a casual fit for a social weekend, picking a weekend look can be frantic for every clothing aficionado today. Be it a tailor-fitted solid or an oversized shirt, regular market choices continue to clutter one’s aesthetic. Amidst the beguiling range of clothing pieces aimed to supplement your weekend look, at John Watson Clothing we provide you with an affordable range of designs bound to diminish any layer of ubiquity within your aesthetic.

Distinguished to appeal to a weekend look, today’s piece provides you with designs aimed at amplifying your aesthetic. Ranging from a tenacious range of Checkered designs to the natural hues emanating from a welcoming range of Solid shirts, picking your weekend wardrobe may have just gotten easier by the end of the article.

For The Casual Weekend

A road trip with your best mates or an outing with family serves as a perfect opportunity to sport an endearingly casual look. While one may prefer a low-key aesthetic, our range of Checkered and Oxford shirts encompass an appealing blend of casualness and comfort to stylize your trip.

(Left: Victorian Red Oxford Solid Shirt, Right: Nebula Oxford Checkered Shirt)

For instance, our vibrant Victorian Red Oxford Solid emanates a resonant aesthetic whilst adding an air of grandeur to your look. On the other hand, delivering a tranquil vibe, our Nebula Oxford Checkered Shirt is crafted to confidently supplement your joyous demeanour.

A succinct red or a humble blue-toned shirt complimented with a dash of beige is bound to extract the best out of your weekend aesthetic. Providing you with a melange of rich hues, our collections provide you with essential pieces to contrive a benevolent weekend wardrobe.

For The Working Weekend

Be it a working trip across the seas or an important meeting scheduled over the weekend, a welcoming look is bound to work to your advantage. Although an elegant formal attire is destined to elevate your aesthetic, a semi-formal top combined with exquisitely cut bottoms serves as an appealing blend, providing a seminal look ahead of proceedings.

(Left: Costa's Satin Solid Shirt, Right: Clement Satin Solid Shirt)

Radiantly impressive, our pioneering range of Satin Solid Shirts adds a humbling look to your personality. Emanating a serene shade of green, the Costa’s Satin Shirt serves as an exquisite design for an outdoor meet-up, while the contrasting Clement Satin Shirt is destined to stand out in an indoor setting.

(Left: Sparkle Blue Dobby Solid Shirt, Right: Volvo Green Dobby Solid Shirt)

Moreover, given our range of designs crafted using numerous fabrics, our Dobby Solids collection too is likely to add a vibrant look to your wardrobe. Rich in appeal, our Sparkle Blue Dobby Solid is bound to flavour up your formal attire, while the comparably subdued Volvo Green Dobby Solid emerges as a subtle candidate to supplement your overarching look.

For The Social Weekend

Preparing for a social weekend can be daunting. A supposed obligation to look presentable combined with the societal need to dress for the occasion only adds to one’s anxiety ahead of an otherwise ecstatic weekend. Hence, to help you cut through the clutter whilst maintaining your aesthetic, our curated range of looks under this chapter offers up a timeless solution for your wardrobe.

(Left: Brancaster Half-Sleeve Printed Shirt, Right: Whitley Half-Sleeve Printed Shirt)

Profoundly vibrant, our range of Half-Sleeve Prints provides an embellishing choice of designs for a fun weekend. For instance, the premium-designed Whitley Printed Shirt balances an elegant blend of casualness and formality whilst the ever-graceful Brancaster Printed Shirt remains an envious addition to one’s weekend wardrobe.

(Left: Fabled White Double-Pocket Solid Shirt, Right: Belgian Red Double-Pocket Solid Shirt)

Additionally, for a comparably versatile look, our newly arrived Double-Pocket Solids are destined to remain a flavourful addition to your attire. The Fabled White Double-Pocket Solid adds a veritable embrace to one’s casual look whilst the relatively punctuating Belgian Red Double-Pocket Solid is bound to emerge as a crowd favourite amongst your socials.

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